Spain Golden Visa. Articles of the law of entrepreneurs

On September 28, 2013 came into force the Law of supporting entrepreneurs and their internationalization, which introduces Title V Section 2, targeting skilled immigration, in order to promote the international mobility of professionals and managers in order to attract foreign investment.

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This law establishes a flexible and specific system for granting visas and residence permits, which aims to:

Promote entrepreneurial culture and create a favorable environment for economic activity.

Facilitate the entry of investment and talent in order to promote economic growth and creating jobs.

To accomplish these objectives, the law allows the entry and residence in Spain, for reasons of economic interest, in the following categories:

a) Investors.

b) Entrepreneurs.

c) Highly qualified professionals.

d) Researchers.

e) Workers subject to intra-corporate transfers within the same undertaking or group of undertakings.

Articles 61 to 76 of Law 14/2013

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